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There are two ways to help us get these videos in new languages.

#1 – Become a Localization Partner

lo-cal-ize // verb // “to adapt a product or content to a specific locale or market”

We have begun the first wave of our goal to translate our videos into different languages. We’re working mainly with media group localization partners who have:

1. Illustration expertise in Photoshop

2. Animation expertise in after effects

3. Professional voiceover equipment

4. Voiceover talent + studio space.

If you’re interested in becoming a language partner (and are set up be able to fully localize the audio and visual elements mentioned above), fill out this form and we’ll reach out when we start our next wave of localizations this fall!

#2 – Help Add YouTube Subtitles


If you’re interested in adding subtitles to our youtube videos, that would be awesome of you. Thumbs up.

Here’s the 411:

1. You will need to have your own YouTube channel and be signed in to be able to add subtitles.

2. Once you finish translating a video, the subtitles will automatically go into a peer review process before they are published. To learn more about that process: Read this.

3. We do have English transcripts available for a few of the videos, if that would be helpful to you in the translation process. You can find those here. If you don’t see a transcript for a video you’d like to translate, that means that we don’t have one yet! If you make one for yourself, feel free to send it in to us so that we can share it with others. (Overachievers are our favorite).

4. Ready to become a Subtitle Master? Click on the links below to add subtitles to that specific video.

Click on the links below to add subtitles to that video.

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