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Read Through The Bible With Us


Our Reading Plan

The Bible is an amazing piece of literature, and if we haven’t already shown our hand, we think its the best to ever be assembled. That said, we admittedly know people get lost and overwhelmed with the sheer depth of it. To read it all the way through in one piece? Wow, that is a daunting task to say the least. For these reasons and so many more, we partnered with the Read Scripture Organization to help break the Bible into 16 chapters that walk you through the entire biblical narrative in a little less than a year.


Watch - Read - Pray

Our Approach to Reading

We try to make it easy for you to follow along with us. Our process is simple, every-day we have a prescribed plan that asks you to watch, read, and pray.

1. Watch – To help you to follow along, as well as maximize learning through visual storytelling, we will point you to short animated videos on YouTube that help you to grasp the Bible’s design, message, and what to look for as you read.

2. Read – Read anywhere from 15-20 minutes a day, following our plan along the way.

3. Pray – Prayerfully read through one psalm per day from the Book of Psalms.

How to get involved

We have several ways for you to stay involved!

1. Join our reading plan e-mail list. The benefit here is we provide you with a nice breakdown of the weekly reading, tips for that week, as well as a link to our weekly blog on Biblical Theology that follows along our reading plan.

2. You can use the Read Scripture App, created by our partners at, and keep track of your reading plan across all your devices.

download-app Reading Plan App

3. Download the good’ol paper copy, and follow along in your own Bible.

pdf-icon-6Reading Plan (pdf)

4. Check out the videos first! You can see a playlist of each video series on our YouTube Channel.

YT_Play Read Scripture Video Playlist (Watch on YouTube)

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