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How People are Using The Bible Project

The Year of Biblical Literacy

USE the Bible Project at Your Church

A number of churches are pioneering a way you can use The Bible Project videos to help your church to focus on Biblical Literacy for an entire year. Find out more here.

Click Here to Find out More

The Bible Project in the Classroom

My desire in teaching was to help make God, faith, and theology relevant to teenagers. Your videos have been an extraordinary help in my classes. I can teach an idea like sacrifice or the messiah, and then at the end of class play one of your videos and it wraps everything up perfectly. The Bible Project videos help my students understand their own personal call from Christ.

-Andy, Theology Teacher at Mercy High School in Red Bluff, CA

Schools of all types have been incorporating these videos into their curriculum.

From public school teachers illustrating Biblical themes in Steinbeck’s East of Eden to Masters of Divinity students watching in their graduate studies. From elementary schools to sunday schools. From private schools to traffic schools (Ok, maybe not that last one). We love that our resources are getting into the hands of students young and old.

If you’re looking for more ways to lead your students into in-depth study of the Bible, we’ve got you covered. From our Study Guides to the Reading Plan, there’s plenty to keep the discussion going.



No special license is needed to play any of our videos, but check out our TERMS OF USE section if you have more questions about using The Bible Project materials in a broader context.


Free Biblical Theology Resources for your Church

The Bible Project in Churches

The Bible Project is making a wonderful impact for the Kingdom as believers old and new get clear, understandable access to the structure and overarching theme of the Scriptures.

-Jeff Quinto, Executive Director of Adult Christian Education Foundation

We believe the church is a unique and living organism that draws individuals closer to a relational God, and we are honored to create resources for church communities to dive deeper into the unified narrative of the Bible.
The Bible Project is not part of any specific Christian denomination or tradition. Our mission is to help people see the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus no matter which tradition you worship in. We are excited to help create an intimate and transformative relationships with the word of God in your church.


How Churches use our resources

Sermon Tie-Ins

Pastors and Teachers: You have something unique to tell to your congregation. Whether you use the videos to lead into a topic, tie up a theme at the end in an interesting way, or offer for a meditation, we hope that our videos help illustrate the big picture so you can go into the details.

Small Groups

Get together with some friends, watch The Bible Project videos in a relaxed setting, and discuss themes of scripture more in depth. Maybe even have a potluck (We like food). Whatever. Just do your thing and read the Bible with people! We’ve also got Study Notes for some of the videos (and are working on more) to facilitate discussion.

Year of the Bible

The Bible Project, in collaboration with Crazy Love and a couple pilot churches, have been reading the Bible together in a format we are calling “Year of the Bible.” Paired with our Reading Plan and Study Guides, this is a great way for church bodies to walk through the complete narrative of the Bible as a community.

Our church has been able to read through the The Bible with the help of The Bible Project's short introductory videos. Through the theme videos, we've been able to communicate big ideas that run through the entirety of Scripture in a concise, easily-digested manner.

-Ryan Smith, Living Stones Church, Reno, NV

Youth Group

Maybe Teens don’t really hate everything.

I promote these videos all the time because they're such an easy, accessible way to learn not just the Bible but also the overarching story that it's telling.

-Jonathan Sullivan, High School Youth Leader, Christ's Church of the Valley, Phoenix, AZ

Sunday School

Our videos can help offer a broader narrative to kids about the Bible.

We cannot tell you enough how much your videos have enhanced our bible teaching to kids. Most children's ministry curriculum goes through the same bible stories year after year, and the kids miss out on the richness of the Old Testament stories that highlight 'God's Great Rescue Plan.' We're trying to help kids see the bigger picture. Your work is helping us tremendously!

-Gerry Briseno, Clearwater, Florida


No special license is needed to play any of our videos, but check out our TERMS OF USE section if you have more questions about using The Bible Project materials in a broader context.

The Bible Project at Home

I shared your bible project videos with my family during our bible study/devotions time, and they loved them. Even our teenage son watches them with enthusiasm!

-Eugene K

Teach your family the unified story of the Bible

Do you know what brings a family together? Pizza, of course. Do you know what else brings a family together? The Bible Project videos! We’ve gotten so many amazing e-mails and letters from you all, telling us about how you’re reading through the bible with your family, sharing devotional studies, learning together, spending quality time, and growing closer to God and each other. We love it!

Quality Screen Time

We know everyone loves “Beverly Hills Housewives Dancing With The Stars” or whatever, but sometimes it’s nice to watch something with the family that’s a little bit more…meaningful.


I've become newly motivated to read through the bible with renewed passion. It's doing wonders for my devotional life. Additionally, I want to describe the way my kids (especially my 8 year old son) enjoy your videos. We have together gone through about 40 of your videos (the topical + torah series + read scripture series). God has really used your videos to make him understand a summary view of many portions of the word. It's a joy to see him summarize the book of Leviticus in about 5-6 mins in his own language - something that I couldn't do till about 2 years back!

-Thomas, Pastor and Father, Kerala India

Devotional Time

If you’re looking for more in-depth study with your family, combine The Bible Project videos with our Read Scripture Reading Plan. With engaging discussion questions and prompts, it’s a great way to turn family time into devotional time.

If you love these resources then help us make more!