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Live Q+R: Numbers

Bible Project

Hey Gang! Dive deeper into the bible with us as we respond to viewer queries on the Read Scripture Numbers video. This week Jon and Tim discuss deep questions about the journey of the Israelites in the wilderness, the pagan sorcerer Balaam, the symbolism in God’s covenant commands, and the identity of Youtube user KickPuncher3000.



Well, that was fun! The jury’s still out on who our web-friend KickPuncher is, but we did get a lot of clarity on some of these questions from the BP community.


We covered a lot, so if you’d like to jump to specific topics simply click on the questions below:

“Could you speak more about God commanding Moses’ to create a bronze snake for the people to look to? Why does God have Moses make an “idol” for the people to look to for rescue?”


“You talk about the third Balaam speech predicting the king who will bless all nations. And it does talk about that coming king, but there is no blessing the nation… only smashing the nation’s language. Is there something in the Hebrew text that we don’t see?”


“In Numbers, what does it mean to “bless?”


“Are you guys able to shed some light on the Book of the Wars of the Lord (21:14)? Is this a book that was considered part of the Hebrew canon?”


“Who wrote the book of Numbers?”


“God told Balaam not to curse the Israelites? Does this mean that Balaam REALLY had the powers to bless or curse whom he wished? If so, how?”


“My question is about the rebellion of Moses. Is his decision to tap the rock, rather than speak to it, all there is to it? Seems harsh!”


“It seems like Balaam had a relationship with or understanding of the God of Israel…but is this possible for a pagan sorcerer?”


“I would like a discussion on the difference of being ceremonially “unclean” and being sinful. What implication or direction can we learn from this today?”



Thanks for being a part of the conversation! You can also check out the Bible Project podcast for more Biblical discussion and study.