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Live Q+R: Jonah

Bible Project

We’re diving (no pun intended) into Jonah! If you haven’t already seen it, watch the video and then hang out as Tim and Jon talk about literary ninjas, big fish, Snapchat, and how the secret of the book is all about cows. Enjoy!



We covered a lot, so if you’d like to jump to specific topics simply click on the questions below:


Tim pointed out that the book of Jonah is unique—a story about a prophet instead of his prophecy. Do you think the Jonah of this story was a real person, or is this like one of Jesus’ parables?


Can you explain why we think Jonah’s 5-word sermon is the full thing? Couldn’t it be like Jesus’ message in the synagogue in Luke 4, where we only have the beginning?


I would expect God to choose upright, God-fearing people to be His prophets, and yet God chose Jonah, a man who appears to be neither. Is there anything we should learn from this?


Why is Jonah so angry at the fact that God had compassion over the city of Nineveh? He himself experienced God’s compassion when he saved him from dying in the big fish after Jonah had fled from him.


What is Jesus depicting when he said “An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah………..” in Matthew 12


Jonah 2:2 said he cried out from Sheol do you think Jonah was dead for three days like Jesus said in Matt. 12:39-40?


What changed between Jonah and Nahum? Was the Assyrian repentance story just a fluke or a temporary thing?


Tim, from what verse did you interpret that Jonah hated God? spanish it translates as “displeased” or “deeply saddened.”


What’s the difference between Jonah’s explanation of God’s Character in Job and elsewhere in the OT?