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Live Q+R: Heaven and Earth

Bible Project

Is there marriage in Heaven? Are our views about heaven different than the Israelites? How will TBP celebrate their 2-year anniversary? Get answers to these inquiries and more, as Jon and Tim answer questions about our first theme video: Heaven+Earth. 



We covered a lot, so if you’d like to jump to specific topics simply click on the questions below:


In the Old Testament, God says if you can just be a good person here on earth all is well. In the New Testament God wants to “save your soul from hell”. Why the change?


My question is about the intermediate period between death and final resurrection. Is there any indication in scripture that alludes to Heaven’s absence of time or adherence to time?


How does the Israelite view of Heaven and Earth compare to other ancient near-eastern perspectives of God’s space/human space?


I’d like to hear more about the 1000 year reign vs actual heaven (are they the same? or different?


My question is, do you think there will be families and marriage in heaven? The garden of Eden story makes me wonder


My question is the video talks about heaven and earth, but hell is never mentioned. Was that intentional? and If so will hell be covered?


Did Eden allow for the possibility of painful injury prior to Adam and Eve eating the fruit? Wondering if this is any different from how it will be in the new Heaven/New Earth?


What was the knowledge of the people in the time of the Kings? Hezekiah, when he heard he had to die, wept bitterly. Didn’t he know about heaven?


In the Synoptics, Jesus says that after the resurrection there will no longer be any marriage. What do you make of this, since marriage is a good part of creation which is being restored?


So, in regards to the end of the world, is heaven coming here then? Or does Jesus take us, then bring heaven to earth?