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Luke 4: Jesus, Rebels, and Resurrection

Jon Collins

Listen to Tim and Jon discuss the Gospel of Luke as they prepare for the upcoming Luke animation series.
This is the last episode on the Gospel of Luke. If you haven’t listened to the other three I’d highly recommend it to get context for where we are at.

Luke Part 1: An intro to reading the Gospels –
Luke Part 2: An overview of Luke –
Luke Part 3: Good News for the Poor –

In this episode we talk about the strange story in Luke chapter 9 of the transformation of Jesus on the mountain. After this, Jesus travels to Jerusalem. In this travel section we find many parables of Jesus and banquets that Jesus attends. Jesus is fascinated with parties and even used them to talk about what the Kingdom of God is like. These stories continue to reinforce that Jesus’ mission to first for the outsiders, a message that gets him in trouble with religious leaders of the day. We talk about the final meal Jesus has with his disciples. Then we talk about Jesus’ arrest and execution. And finally, we talk about the final story in Luke about two disciples who unexpectedly run into Jesus but don’t recognize him until he reveals himself to them.

Luke 9: The transformation. This story calls back to Mt. Sinai. Jesus becomes like the ancient of days enthroned in heaven from Daniel 7, gleaming like shiny metal and fire.

**Music Break**

The Journey to Jerusalem (chapters 9b-19)
Two types of stories
1. Money
2. Dinner Parties

Three Parables about lost and found.

**Music Break**

Jesus riding in and crucified as a rebel

**Music Break**

Jesus uses the Passover meal to talk about his death.
Luke plays up Jesus’ innocence

**Music Break**

Road to Emmaus